Machine learning done right

Let us help you solve your problems by leveraging data science. Unique problems requires unique approaches. We bring statistical inference and machine learning to the equation.

Data analytics

We turn data into insights and actionable value by leveraging business intelligence tools, machine learning and latest technology. Real-life problems converted into linear regression, logistic regression, classification, clustering, computer vision, anomaly detection, natural language processing models.

Machine learning and data analytics

End-to-end full project life cycle statistical modelling and deployment

Machine learning

We deal with all sorts of machine learning tasks, from supervised and unsupervised learning, computer vision, remote sensing and object recognition to fraud detection, regression, prediction, classification and clustering, with Python, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch or any other modern framework


We love Python codes for machine learning tasks. It makes us productive. We believe it’s in your best interest to make use of it.

API handling

We develop and maintain APIs and micro-apps, integrate machine learning models with your development environment, we customise and deliver tailored to your needs.

Natural language processing

From advanced text analysis, sentiment analysis, opinion mining, short-text categorisation, question answering and classification to topic modelling, entity extraction, intent matching, opinion mining, similarity index, representations and custom language models, fine-tuning, summarisation, text-mining, scraping web for most relevant data and chat-bot design, we deliver state-of-art solutions.

Cloud services

We deliver cloud services. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for the best experience.

Big data

We help you apply machine learning models to extremely large data sets that has high volume, variety, velocity and veracity to reveal pattern, trends and systematically extract information.

Data science consulting, training and support

Effective roadmap to augment machines: CRISP-DM framework

With its ability to frame complex business problems as machine learning or operations research problems, data science hold the key to unveiling better solutions to old problems. It may even reveal new approaches that were previously unknown.

Data visualisations

We help you put your data to work


We create stunning data visualisations using Python, R, Matplotlib, Plotly, Tableau, ElasticSearch, React, D3js or the tool of your choice​


We provide frictionless reporting experience using a variety of tools from Dash, Bokeh, Flask, React to Kibana, Canvas, Grafana and Tableau Server

Master data management

We provide data prep solutions

Quality of your data matters

From data pre-processing and error detection to best practises of data enrichment and data governance for maintaining quality of data whilst reporting and statistical modelling

Data cleaning

Error handling

API handling

Data transformation

Data enrichment

Data integrity

Data normalisation

Feature engineering

Data governance

Data standardisation

Outlier detection

Schema design


We help businesses to digitalise their processes and let them focus on what they do best

Digital transformation

We want your organisation to focus on your core values and your core business. We help you to get rid of distractions and red tape. We together design your digital transformation strategy and help you implement across your organisation.​​

Digital marketing

Turn your data into action

Digital marketing

We do digital marketing, we boost your appearance, we integrate your digital experience

Sentiment analysis

A/B testing

Market mix modelling

Cluster analysis

Google Analytics

Facebook Pixel

Search engine optimisation

Content management

Static or dynamic content

We create and manage static and dynamic content management systems, sites and dashboards to give you full control.

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