We use the tools and the technology only that we love to interact with. Take a look at the services and technology we believe will make a difference for your organisation. Contact us to get more information.


Next-generation data science applications on a mission-critical cloud platform or on-premise


We deliver advanced data. We use tools such as Python, Pandas, NumPy, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, SpaCy, PyTorch, SAS, Knime, H2O, Hadoop, Redis, ElasticSearch, PySpark, Tableau, Power BI.


We deliver cloud services on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP, Azure, ElasticSearch, Databricks, SAS, Firebase, Heroku and we are not platform agnostic as well.

Microservices and API

We develop or manage suites or micro-apps, we customise and deliver tailored to your needs. We prefer using simple yet powerful tools. Python, Flask, Hug, React and more.

Distributed Computing

Hadoop, PySpark, Databricks, AWS, GCP, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes


We love Python code, Node.js and React. It makes us productive.

Data visualisation

Python, Plotly, Dash, Matplotlib, R, Tableau, React, D3js and more.


G Suite, Google Analytics, Microsoft Office Suite, CRM, API handling and integration

Digital marketing

Take your digital marketing experience to the next level by letting professionals handle your Google Analytics dimensions and metrics. We implement, interpret and integrate your A/B testing and KPI results using custom Python functions.

Content management

With a mobile-first approach Bootstrap, React, WordPress, Contentful or the framework of your choice

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